properly aligned-shoot!

sight picture when head has been raised off the stock

sight picture when head has been raised off the stock with multiple sights

Sight picture when shooter is aiming with the cross dominant eye

The Instructor Sight is so named because it tells you when you are pointing to shoot correctly or incorrectly. This fiber optic shotgun sight addresses the most common problems the shooter  encounters, especially cross eye dominance and raising their head off the stock. Shotgun sights have long needed to provide shooters with vastly different images.  With the Instructor Sight this has been accomplished. 
  • 40 percent of people are left eye dominant while only 11 percent are left handed.  This shotgun sight can train most people to use the correct the eye through the principles of binocular rivalry. When shooting with the correct eye, a clear green fiber optic dot is seen but if the shooter attempts to use the cross dominant eye a bright red dot warns him he is aiming with the wrong eye.
  • Dictate eye dominance rather than sacrifice your natural coordination by trying to shoot on your opposite side. Practice with the Instructor Sight can train a shooter to shoot with the correct eye. Repeatedly mounting the shotgun allows the shooter to exert a strong degree of voluntary control over which eye is used when using the instructor sight.
  • Raising the head off the stock may be the most common mistake that shooters make. The result of raising the head off the head off the stock is over shooting the target. Two distinctly different images, as illustrated on this page, provide the shooter with an excellent sight picture with a single green dot  or a clear warning with two bright red dots if he is about to shoot improperly.
  • Shooters with color blindness also benefit from this fiber optic shotgun sight because the central green fiber optic appears brighter than the two red fiber optic tubes. Shotgun sights have never offered such an opportunity for the color blind.
  • For the beginner these shotgun sights are tremendously helpful in developing the proper sight picture and inhibiting the development of bad habits.
  • For the experienced shooter it will inhibit even established bad habits and reinforce better shooting patterns. Even the most experienced can be assured that these shotgun sights can provide rapid acquisition of the proper sight picture.
  • You can have your cake and eat it too. By training your eye dominance through the principles of binocular rivalry employed in this shotgun sight, most people can train eye dominance and avoid the need to switch shooting sides. This should also translate to using the proper eye to shoot with a rifle. Repeatedly mounting the shotgun for acquiring the proper sight picture will reinforce proper shooting habits.
  • The Instructor Sight is very easy to install. Four powerful neodymium magnets allow the sight to be snapped onto the rib. If hunting in heavy brush, strong double stick tape is included for additional strength.
  • The Instructor Sight is a significant advancement in the design of shotgun sights. For shooters with significant cross eye dominance issues or raising their head off the stocks, it is not untypical for them to double their scores. Others may see less improvement but most shooters should see some improvement by using our shotgun sights.

One seconds hesitation can put up to 25 yards between you and your target!  The Instructor Sight will help teach you to shave down the time it takes to target and fire while increasing your accuracy, by providing a clear, bright signal indicating that your barrel is properly aligned.

Instructor Shotgun Sight

Instructor Shotgun Sight

Instructor Shotgun Sight
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A fiberoptic shotgun sight that functions to correct common sighting errors.

When selecting the size of the Instructor sight it is best to measure the width of the rib for a precise fit however if the shotgun is not at hand the following can serve as a guide.

5/16" width fits Remington field models such as the 870s and 1100 12 gauges Benelli 12 gauges Many other 12 gauge shotguns use this width.

3/8" width fits the Remington SP10 10 gauge and many other wider rib width shotguns

1/4" width fits narrow width ribs common to 28 gauge and 410 gauge Baretta field models. Browning Citori

6mm fits the Browning gold 20 gauge and other narrow ribbed guns

There are many shotgun ribs that are tapered both in height and width so please be aware of this when measuring the ribs. If the rib is of very low height at the distal end the magnets may not contact the metal and of course thereby not adhere well to the rib.
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