properly aligned-shoot!

sight picture when head has been raised off the stock

sight picture when head has been raised off the stock with multiple sights

Sight picture when shooter is aiming with the cross dominant eye

Instructor Shotgun Sight

Instructor Shotgun Sight

Instructor Shotgun Sight
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A fiberoptic shotgun sight that functions to correct common sighting errors.

When selecting the size of the Instructor sight it is best to measure the width of the rib for a precise fit however if the shotgun is not at hand the following can serve as a guide.

5/16" width fits Remington field models such as the 870s and 1100 12 gauges Benelli 12 gauges Many other 12 gauge shotguns use this width.

3/8" width fits the Remington SP10 10 gauge and many other wider rib width shotguns

1/4" width fits narrow width ribs common to 28 gauge and 410 gauge Baretta field models. Browning Citori

6mm fits the Browning gold 20 gauge and other narrow ribbed guns

There are many shotgun ribs that are tapered both in height and width so please be aware of this when measuring the ribs. If the rib is of very low height at the distal end the magnets may not contact the metal and of course thereby not adhere well to the rib.
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